Cairns Airport is committed to the provision and maintenance of infrastructure, activities and services free from discrimination of people with disabilities and their associates and aides.

Drop Off

Each terminal has drop-off/pick-up areas for people with a disability adjacent to the general drop-off/pick-up areas. These areas are only available to vehicles displaying a permit for a person with a disability, and drivers must follow the normal kerbside parking rules. Under government legislation, no vehicle is permitted to be left unattended at the kerbside outside the terminal. Drivers may assist passengers to disembark from the drop-off/pick up areas for people with a disability, however the vehicle must not be left unattended to assist passengers into the terminal. If the passenger requires assistance to the check-in area, the driver must park the vehicle in the public car park and then return to assist the passenger.

If the passenger cannot be left alone some forward planning will help. For example some airlines are happy to provide assistance such as wheelchairs and baggage collection if this is pre-arranged. Alternatively it may be advisable to bring an additional person with you to assist the passenger while you remain with the vehicle.

Drivers should note that there is a 2.4m height clearance at the drop-off/pick-up zones.


Accessible parking is available in the public car parks and is clearly sign posted. The accessible parking within the public car park is located at the nearest point to the terminal entrances. An appropriate and valid permit sticker is required to park in these spaces.


A number of check-in counters have been modified and lowered to allow easier access for people using a wheelchair.

The Disability Access Facilitation Plan for Cairns Airport also covers:

  • Security screening
  • Hearing loops
  • Restrooms
  • Aircraft access
  • Flight information and displays
Passenger Security Screening

Brisbane Airport is a child-friendly environment and our staff try to accommodate families as much as possible, particularly through the security screening process. It is a requirement by law that Brisbane Airport security staff screen everyone, regardless of age, at the security checkpoint.

Rules around Powders, Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels

On domestic flights, there is no limit to the volume of powders, liquids, aerosols or gels that you can take on board in your carry-on baggage, however aerosol containers must have a fitted cap or locking device.

For international flights, you are able to carry on board a reasonable quantity of inorganic powder (non-food based powders like talcum powder), liquid, aerosol or gel items for a baby or infant. Pack only what you need for the duration of your flight and any delays that may occur.

There are no quantity restrictions for organic powders (food/plant based) powdered such as powdered baby formula. Baby products allowed may include, but are not limited to:

  • Baby milk, including expressed breast milk and powdered formula
  • Sterilised water
  • Juice
  • Baby food in liquid, gel, powder or paste form.

Screening Children and Items

It is a requirement by law that babies and infants go through similar screening to adults.

Babies can be carried by an adult or, if they can walk unassisted, they should walk through the screening point on their own. Children will not be screened with body scanners.

Carriers, strollers and prams must be screened separately along with other carry-on baggage. Many airlines do not allow these items in the cabin due to space and stowage constraints. If you are unsure about your carry-on requirements, check with your airline before you travel.

Parent rooms and facilities

To make things easier for those travelling with little ones, Brisbane Airport has parenting rooms located throughout the Domestic and International Terminals. Rooms are equipped with baby change facilities, feeding chairs and microwaves*.

Domestic Terminal Parent Rooms

  • Level 1, near Qantaslink Check-in Desk
  • Level 1, opposite Baggage Reclaim 1*
  • Level 1, next to the Airtrain Ticket Desk*
  • Level 2, Qantas end next to Ripcurl
  • Level 2, Virgin end opposite the Virgin Australia Service Desk
  • Level 2, Central satellite opposite Giancarlo*
  • Level 2, Central Terminal Area opposite Mecca Maxima*

International Terminal Parent Rooms

  • Level 4, behind Flight Centre*
  • Level 4, next to Corretto Bar and Cafe*
  • Level 4, behind Sushi Sushi*
  • Level 3, behind Dreamtime Journey*
  • Level 3, behind the food court*
  • Level 2, before JR/DUTY FREE opposite Gate 80*
  • Level 2, behind the rental car desks*
Hot water

There are a few hot water options at Brisbane Airport.

  1. Parent rooms are fitted with microwaves
  2. There is a hot water station located in the International Terminal, behind the Coffee Club on Level 3.
  3. Retailers can provide hot water, though some may charge a small fee. 
Consider ParkValet and ParkShort

If you are looking to park at the airport, consider the ParkValet with the concierge service added on to take the stress out of your trip from the outset. Our concierge will assist with your luggage and help get the family into the terminal.

If you are being picked up or dropped off, consider booking ParkShort so that your friends and family can give you a hand with your luggage and children while getting into or exiting the terminal. Book parking online for the best deals.

Keeping children entertained

Interactive Play Areas

At the International Terminal, on the Village Green after passport control, there is a permanent interactive screen where kids can play a range of airport-themed games.

From time to time, there are other interactive activities happening in the terminal that are the perfect way to keep children occupied. Check out what’s on when you are travelling.

Plane Spotting

Watching planes and happenings on the tarmac can keep children entertained for hours (well, a few minutes at least). Select a good position by the windows of each terminal to watch planes take off, land, disembark and refuel. 

It’s a great opportunity to talk about the different airlines and the different operations that need to happen before you get on the plane, from refuelling to catering and baggage handling.